The Zombie TV Shows Ranked

Though it seems like the only show one can think of when you say “zombie TV” is The Walking Dead, surprise! There are actually several more zombie TV shows...

Though it seems like the only show one can think of when you say “zombie TV” is The Walking Dead, surprise! There are actually several more zombie TV shows available for viewing, and to make sure you spend your time wisely – we’ve ranked them for you!  From worst to best, here are the zombie TV shows you should think about watching.

Eat it Eat it


  1. Helix



It was an interesting premise, but it didn’t have the story to back it up. Sorry not sorry, Syfy Channel.


  1. Death Valley

  2. Death Valley


An MTV mockumentary series that features Caity Lotz before she became the Black (and White) Canary. It focuses more on the supernatural than just zombies, so be prepared to see more vampires than zombies upon viewing. There are only eight episodes, but


  1. Ugly Americans

Ugly Americans

As far as animated comedies go, Ugly Americans is okay. It’s not a must-see show, but the humor is goofy and the jokes about zombies are fine, not great. Though the show was pronounced dead in 2013, the series was revived as an iOS app in 2014. What better show about raising the dead than a show that was actually raised from the dead?


  1. The Walking Dead


Look, guys, we get it. This show is super popular and has tons of fans across the globe. That’s great! If you love it, watch it. But you can get the same experience, if not a better one by reading the comics. The Walking Dead isn’t bad, but there are better shows that you can watch. Though they have less gore.



  1. Fear the Walking Dead



It’s set in the same world as The Walking Dead, but has different characters, locations, and an entirely different timeline than its predecessor. These work out in the show’s favor and give the spinoff a clearer perspective than its predecessor. Does it have the same legs? It’s too early to tell, but the show still manages to keep us on our toes.


  1. In The Flesh


This BBC series focuses on the part where most zombie movies end – the discovery and success of a zombie cure.  In The Flesh focuses on 18-year-old rehabilitated zombie as he returns home to his family, but his former friends and schoolmates can’t forgive him with how he acted before he was “cured.” This show covers a lot of different genres, but it’s an excellent show regardless of what you prefer.


  1. The Returned


There are two versions of this show – the original French production and its American adaptation. Both are great.  Unlike other entries on this list, The Returned is less about the violence and gore and is more about the emotional aftermath of losing a loved one. (And, of course, what happens after they come back.) For a slower-paced drama that asks more questions than provides answers, watch this.


  1. Ash Vs Evil Dead


Sometimes, the best zombie television shows are the ones that don’t start off as television shows. Ash Vs Evil Dead took the best parts of its cult movie origins and spun it off into a roller-coaster of energy. There’s as much cheeky fun as you’re expecting, as well as plenty of gore (and chainsaws) to keep you interested.

Ash Vs Evil Dead


  1. iZombie


Surprise! Bet you didn’t see this coming, did you? iZombie is more than just a typical CW show. It blends a unique mix of action, drama, and humor in a way that makes you keep watching – and in a way that makes the zombies more human than they seem. The show takes its comic book material and keeps it fresh, making this a must-watch series.


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