Wynonna Earp-“Blood Oaths to Hold You” A review of Steel Bars and Stone Walls

Wynonna Earp-“Blood Oaths to Hold You” A review of Steel Bars and Stone Walls On last Friday Season 2 of Wynonna Earp kicked off, it seems Wynonna’s world is...

Wynonna Earp-“Blood Oaths to Hold You” A review of Steel Bars and Stone Walls


On last Friday Season 2 of Wynonna Earp kicked off, it seems Wynonna’s world is about to change.


When we left Wynonna Earp season 1 Wynonna’s Sister Willa the rightful Earp heir was killed by Dolls after trying to open a portal from Ghost River Triangle to purgatory, the Revenants scattered, and Bobo Del Ray was captured by the Black Badge division eventually was killed by Wynonna. We do see a demon attempt to cross over and get destroyed. Waverly touches the remnants of the demon and seems to get possessed. Bobby Dolls was captured by Black Badge for disobeying Black Badge division orders and stopping Agent Lucado’s nuclear strike on purgatory. The episode ends on a cliffhanger with Waverly pulling a gun and appearing to shoot at Doc Holliday with the screen going to black.


Season 2 picks up with Waverly and Doc Holliday running from a reject from the Upside Down. Eventually, Wynonna comes in and dispatches the demon or experiment gone wrong. In a hilarious moment, Doc Holliday bemoans as a demon ate his hat. We find out Black Badge has confiscated all of Agent Dolls things. Wynonna wants to know why Doll’s was taken and breaks into Doll’s room finding a strange woman named Eliza. They tussle and eventually it’s discovered that she is “friends” with dolls and as Wynonna puts it “Has an amazing taste in underwear.” Black Badge division has taken Dolls for disobeying orders transferring him to a Black Rock Prison site. Apparently, there is more to Doll’s than meets the eye more on that later. Eliza informs Wynonna that Dolls is being sent to Black Badges maximum security prison were terrible things will be done to him.  Waverly goes to check on her girlfriend Nicole Haught who after kissing Waverly knows something is off about her.  Eventually, Wynonna goes to find Doc and Waverly and concoct a plan to rescue Dolls from the Black Badge division.


We see the team try and infiltrate Black Badge Division which looks like the government lab from Stranger Things. The team gets pinned Black Badge has revoked Eliza’s credentials, and Waverly now has to go as a police officer from Scotland Yard with a demon. She does get access and tricks the research/it guy to open the door. She tries to knock him out which causes him to bleed which is terrible cause the demon smells blood and frees itself. Waverly uses her demonic powers and scares the beast eventually Wynonna comes in and again kills the demon with another great one-liner “Not today Satan.” At the same time, Doc Holliday goes and rescues Doll’s. During the rescue Doll’s gives a message to Doc Holliday for someone we don’t know who. Doll’s escapes but all is not well for our heroes.


It seems Black badge captures them the Man in charge comes down and tells the team that they all including the research/it guy are working for the Black Badge in purgatory.  Each member must sign a contract in blood to stay alive. Unfortunately to make sure the message is gotten the Black Badge leader shoots Eliza.  The team now must hunt the demons that came through the Ghost River Triangle as well as revenants scattered.


If Steel Bars and Stone Walls is any indication of what Wynonna Earp season 2  has in store, we are in for an exceptional season. I can’t wait to see how Wynonna goes about hunting the demons that made it through the portal as well as the search for the revenants and how the team works for Black Badge. This season it seems Doc Holliday has some secrets to reveals and we will see how the Wayhaught relationship develops. The special effects have greatly improved, and the fighting sequences are top notch. Black Badge division does pose an ominous threat. When will we see Agent Dolls develop and will we find out what he is, one hopes? It’s nice to see Wynonna grow from crazy chick with a gun to the badass savior that purgatory needs.  An aspect of Season 1 that will be missed is the villain Bobo Del Rey played by (Michael Eklund) he was the perfect villain and great adversary to Wynonna and the team.  Hopefully seasons two villain or villains will be up on par or greater than Bobo Del Ray. Overall season 2 looks to take things up a level can’t wait to see Wynonna and her adventures in purgatory in this modern western.


If you haven’t check out the Wynonna Earp series, it’s available at your local LCS or wherever you buy comics and graphic novels.


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