Worst BAMFs in Comics

BAMF’s=Bad Ass Mother $%%#$%$’s you kiss your mother with that mouth We recently wrote about the best BAMFs in comics, and now it’s time to focus on the worst....

BAMF’s=Bad Ass Mother $%%#$%$’s you kiss your mother with that mouth

We recently wrote about the best BAMFs in comics, and now it’s time to focus on the worst. By “worst,” of course, we’re referring to characters that were supposed to be cool, bad-ass, insert general adjective here – but weren’t. Surprisingly, the list of worst BAMFs in comics is a lot harder to make, but we’ve narrowed our list of not very bad-ass characters to this list of four.




You would think that a guy who can shoot sonic waves would make for a great superhero.  Vibe was a part of the Justice League (he was introduced in an issue of Justice League of America Annual) and was allegedly created as a way for DC Comics to appeal to a younger audience.  Combine that motivation with a pretty ridiculous costume, and there’s no way that Vibe could have ever truly been cool.


Elastic Man

Elastic Man

Elastic Man, also known as Plastic Man, was a part of  the FBI and the National Bureau of Investigation.  Eventually, he joined the Justice League… but we’re not so sure as to why.  He’s not particularly cool (it’s not like anybody is really angling to have super-elasticity as their superpower), so we’re confused as to why he keeps popping up in comics.  He even made it into the New 52 – and there are a lot of actual BAMFs that didn’t make it in that reboot.



Nuke 3 one red

Even though he may (or may not) have made an appearance in the recent Jessica Jones series, Nuke fails at being a truly awesome comic book character.  While he was created from the same program that Captain America and Wolverine participated in, Nuke has had a lot of chances to be cool but the writers won’t let him. (And that’s saying something, as his characters was created in part by Frank Miller.) Also helping him win in the worst BAMF category? He has an American flag tattoo. On his face.




Most people give Dazzler a bad rap because of her Disco-heavy origin, but in truth – Dazzler doesn’t have anything on Dreadlox.  Intended to be a fearsome supervillain (but, in actuality, is a character named after a hairstyle), Dreadlox actually had a pretty cool superpower. Being able to turn one’s deepest fear into an illusion makes for a great supervillain, but Dreadlox’s origin was bogged down by an melodramatic alien hive story.  A lot of opportunity, but it was wasted with the storyline.


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