Who would Win? Captain America versus Iron Man

Who would Win? Captain America versus Iron Man Editor’s Note-This article was written without Captain America Civil War Spoilers Civil War is one of the best comic book events...

Who would Win? Captain America versus Iron Man

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Editor’s Note-This article was written without Captain America Civil War Spoilers

Civil War is one of the best comic book events in the modern age of comics, so it’s no reason that fans are excited for the epic superhero battle to hit the big screen. Yes, we know that the film will be different than the comic book event (it is, after all, technically a Captain America three-quel film), but the fact of the matter remains that we’ll still see Iron Man and Captain America fight (like, actually fight) on the big screen for the first time. We’re expecting it to be awesome.

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So who is going to win? Yes, we know we can just go and watch the film and figure it out, but since both characters have their own (incredibly popular) film franchises, we think that the film is going to end in some sort of stalemate.  Neither hero is a winner, neither hero is a loser – they just both disagree and either makeup or just decide to stop fighting.


But we still want to know who actually should win – so, if Captain American and Iron Man entered an evenly-matched fight that would occur on a neutral battleground, which hero would win? Let’s dive in.


For the purposes of this situation, both Iron Man and Captain America can enter the arena having prepared for the fight.  This means that Iron Man can fight in whatever suit he wants (though for the purposes of this article, he’s using his standard armor) and Captain America can bring his shield (and his MCU uniform).  Both can train as much as they need to ahead of time – and yes, that includes each studying each other’s fighting styles.

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At the start of the fight, Iron Man would attempt to shoot Captain America and knock him out with his arsenal.  If he does hit Cap, it would slow him down but wouldn’t knock him out. Cap would either dodge his bullets and lasers or would use his shield to deflect them.  This would go back and forth, but eventually they would have to challenge each other to hand-to-hand combat.


Because of his increased metabolism and strength, Cap would be the better fighter and would have a clear advantage.  Even if Tony used his armor to track Cap’s fighting style, punching patterns, etc., Steve would still get enough hits in to disarm the suit.  Based on fighting skills alone, Steve Rogers would clearly win the fight.


The problem is that Captain America would not deliver a “final blow.”


There is a lot of precedence in other fights between Captain America and Iron Man in which Steve Rogers could have won the fight between them, but chose to concede. The biggest instance in this is the Civil War comic book event.  In our theoretical scenario, Captain America would just not be able to knock out Tony Stark – while Tony wouldn’t have as much of a problem with it.  Ergo, when Cap falters, Iron Man would strike and win the fight.

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At least, that’s how we think the fight is going to end.  The movie might do it differently, but who knows what will happen?

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