What your favorite Flash says about you-

This piece on the Flash is part of the Geeked Gods coverage of Flash Appreciation Day. For more information on the initiative and the sites participating in Flash Appreciation...

This piece on the Flash is part of the Geeked Gods coverage of Flash Appreciation Day. For more information on the initiative and the sites participating in Flash Appreciation Day click here

Flash Appreciation Day-February 11, 2016

Over the course of Flash’s history in the DC Universe, there have been many speedsters. Flash, Kid Flash, Impulse and others. This article will look at the four people that took up the Mantle of Flash and what your preferences say about you. The four we are looking at are Barry Allen, Jay Garrick, Wally West and Bart Allen.


Barry Allen

Flash Barry Allen

If you are a fan of Barry Allen, you like the Classic Flash.

You are incredibly smart; you will do anything for your family and friends. You believe in doing the right thing no matter the consequences. You believe in Justice and ensuring that the villains should be for their crimes. Depending on the version (TV or film) you’re nerdy, very appealing, and no one can stay mad at you for long.

Jay Garrick


If you are a fan of Jay Garrick you like the Bronze Flash

You are Old School; you remember the old days as the good old days. You feel that you are out of place, you bring people together a la the JSA. you are considered a Wise Man, people look to you for advice. You take care of people and show the Youth the way.


Wally West


If you are a fan of Wally West you like the New Age of Flash

You are young but experienced. You learned by watching a mentor, and if it ever came down to it, you would continue what your mentor started. You have a chip on your shoulder as you don’t want to overstep your bounds but if you have to you will. As the Flash, you feel as though there are some heroes do not respect you. You do everything to honor the man who taught you everything and honors him by becoming the Flash in his absence.

kid-flashWally West

Bart Allen



If you are a Bart Allen Fan-New Flash

You love and honor your family. You are also a man out of time. You are young sometimes run without looking, leaping before understanding a situation. You have no fear and will do what is right to protect the ones you love. You are afraid that people only see you as a kid even when you take up the Flash Mantle.


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