Wayward Vol 3 Review- Out with the old in with the new-A Recap

Wayward Vol 3: Issues 11-15 recap Out with the old in with the New Wayward Vol 3: Out from the Shadows TP  Out May 25, 2016 Writer: Jim Zub...

Wayward Vol 3: Issues 11-15 recap Out with the old in with the New


Wayward Vol 3: Out from the Shadows TP  Out May 25, 2016

Writer: Jim Zub

Art: Steve Cummings

Colors: Tamra Bonvillain

Letters: Marshall Dillon

Back Matter: Zack Davisson

Publisher: Image Comics

Wayward Vol 3 is a thrilling, it brilliantly showcases the power struggle between the Yokai and New Gods. We see how these groups must adapt to survive, and some allies manipulate the New Gods to gain power. As the arc comes to an end we are introduced to a new character who expands the  story to new locations with untapped potential and a chance to expand the mythos of Wayward further.


Wayward #11 picks up after Rori Lane, and her compatriots dealt a blow to the Yokai (Old Monsters of Japan) by shattering the power of the Yokai and revealing the Old and New gods to the mortal realm. The New Gods are here, and there is nothing the Yokai or old monsters of Japan can do about it or is there?


Warning: Spoilers Ahead


In the newest arc, we see both sides adapt to an ever changing world. The Yokai are revealed to the world and in disarray and want to hit back at the New Gods. However, the Yokai use the old methods of brute force rather than creating a strategy to combat the New Gods. Nurarihyon knows this is a mistake and that in order to survive and return to power the Yokai must adapt and evolve. Nurarihyon finds another young person with powers Segawa, who can control electricity and other technology. Nurarihyon teaches Segawa how to use his powers for Nurarihyon’s benefit. We also see them reach out to make a deal with the mortal realm to combat the New Gods.




The New Gods are all evolving as well

Wayward team

The New Gods in the arc are attacking taking out much of the Yokai

We see Rori Lane deal with the consequences of shattering the Yokai. She is caught between realms in a comatose state. The Tsuchigumo offer to help but is it really help we see their mistress manipulate and control Rori. We don’t know if this manipulation is for good or if its

We see her being manipulated by the Tsuchigumo with the New Gods unaware that their friend’s actions are controlled by the Tsuchigumo.

The New Gods with the mistress of the Tsuchigumo continue to battle to destroy the Yokai.

Each member of the team is evolving as well.

Emi finds out what Rori did with her parents. However, we see Shirai and Emi become closer and work together. Shirai absorbs a spirit who reveals the Tsuchigumo’s manipulation and abuse of Rori and he and Emi go to take on the Tsuchigumo

We are introduced to a new member of the team Inaba Kami, who was a part of the Yokai. She seems to pair with Ayane to be formidable warriors to take out the Yokai



And, we finally meet Rori’s father Dermot Lane a person I have been waiting to meet since the first arc. Apparently he also has special powers of his own, can’t wait to see those powers in action.

Wayward13_Preview_Page_04battle tower of tokyo

Ultimately, with all the fighting there are two big battles in this arc. The first is the battle of Tokyo Tower, where the New Gods take on the Kitsune destroying the Kitsune. The Problem is that the mortals see the fire in the sky and see it as terrorism. The humans fear, allows Nurarihyon to make a deal with the Minister of Defense. The last battle sees the humans and the Yokai under Nurarihyon’s control. The Mortal/Yokai alliance are attacking the New Gods various other locations eventually leading up to the Ryusenji Temple. The mortals are attacking several areas as directed by Nurarihyon, during the siege the mistress of the Tsuchigumo was killed and Rori regains control confused about what has occurred in her captivity. A few team members and Yokai are injured and in the chaos of battle, Rori’s father Dermot Lane escapes Nurarihyon grabs Rori and teleports out of Japan.

I cannot wait for Wayward to pick up in the new location and the beautiful art from the area.

wayward children


Jim Zub continues to build the Wayward world; the story builds to a fantastic finale, it is well paced and pushes the story forward while leaving me anxiously waiting for Vol 4 to begin. We see conflict, manipulation, and adapting for survival as overarching themes tied brilliantly to Japanese mythology. in this volume.  Ultimately when the story continues, we will see new locals and the New Gods separated which excites me in the possibilities of the story. Steve Cummings’s art and Tamra Bonvillain’s use of color showcases the vibrant world of Wayward and brings Japan to life. When reading the story, you are almost transported to Japan. Zack Davisson’s essays are brilliantly researched and well written. I love finding out about the lore behind the mythology.

If you like to see the struggle between the Old and the New Gods with themes of adaptation, manipulation , and conflict while learning about Japanese Mythology and seeing visually beautiful pieces of art with a brilliantly written story check out Wayward. 

The Geeked Gods Score Overall 9/10

Don’t forget to pick up the Vol 3 out May 25th or the issues at your local LCS.

All images owned by Jim Zub and Steve Cummings published through Image Comics

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