TV SHOWS TO BINGE ON DURING  SNOW DAY’S Now that winter is finally here, it’s time that we break out the blankets, the snacks, and the Netflix account –...



Now that winter is finally here, it’s time that we break out the blankets, the snacks, and the Netflix account – it’s binge watching time! I mean, it’s not like you’re going to hang out outside in the single digit temperatures, right?  Going outside is for summer – and if anyone tries to convince you otherwise, have them sit down and watch the below TV shows with you.  Your friends will thank you once you’ve finished a full season.


Mr. Robot


This show is addictive from its first episode. Mr. Robot immediately introduces compelling characters, an interesting take on the modern world, and the stakes are always high and steadily climbing higher.  If you’re looking for a more realistic look at the world of hacking and corporate espionage than other TV shows portray, this is the show for you.  With just 10 episodes in season one, you can easily watch it in a day.


Game of Thrones


Yeah, yeah, we know – at this point, it’s a given that this show would end up on the list. But even if you’ve already seen it, the show is worth re-watching so you can pick up on nods to minor characters and storylines that you might have missed during your first viewing – and of course you can continue to theorize how the show will end.


Batman: The Brave and the Bold


This underrated Batman adaptation doesn’t get enough love for its silly, quirky approach towards the Dark Knight. With classic episodes like Mayhem of the Music Meister and spectacular appearances by the Metal Men, Blue Beetle, and other underrated DC heroes, it’s a wonder that you can’t easily stream this show on Netflix.  It’s a perfect distraction from the chilly weather outdoors.


Black Mirror


If you’re in a bad mood and looking to watch something that messes with your mind, this is the show. Don’t ask why, just watch. And be prepared to take breaks in between episodes. You’re going to need them.


People of Earth


This alien-invasion sitcom, starring Wyatt Cenac, is delightfully charming and so totally not what you would have expected from a TBS show.  People of Earth follows a journalist as he covers a support group for alien abductees – which, as you’d might expect, turns out to be more than what it seems.  The show has been called one of 2016’s best, so hop on the train while it’s still at the station.


Attack on Titan


There’s enough of this anime to get through an entire snow day, but it will still leave you hungering for more by the season’s end. (No pun intended.) Attack on Titan is similar to GoT in scope and some of the show’s mysteries loom just as large – what (and who) are the Titans? Is there any hope? What is the mystery surrounding Eren’s father?? When you’re done with the show, you might not have as many answers as you want, but you’ll be satisfied with what you’ve seen so far.


American Horror Story


No matter your horror movie preference, at least one of these six seasons is bound to be up your alley. You like witches? You can get witches. You like creepy carnivals? They have that too. You don’t need to watch any of the other seasons to enjoy the one you decide on, which makes it easy to start and stop watching as necessary.

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