Things you can do in real life from Comic Books

Who hasn’t watched an action film or looked at a comic book and thought “I wish I could do that!” Fortunately for us, media has always been a predictor...

Who hasn’t watched an action film or looked at a comic book and thought “I wish I could do that!” Fortunately for us, media has always been a predictor of technologies and of the future (think of the self-lacing shoes from Back to the Future II) and you actually can do some of those things that you see in comic books! Here are ones that you can look into trying.




One of the easiest things on this list to try – you can use parkour to scale walls and the tops like Spider-Man himself. Webbing not required, but be prepared to practice the basics for a long time. Some of the more “YouTube-worthy” tricks take years to perfect (especially if you’re going to perform flips over concrete), but if you’re dedicated to learning – it’s absolutely worth it.




Do you remember the awesome opening sequence from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie? Ever since I saw the Power Rangers skydive out of a plane (and then skateboard to awesomeness) I’ve wanted to do that. While it may not be as exciting as depicted in the movie, it’s surprisingly easy to sign up to go skydiving. And there’s no need to be afraid – you’ll have an expert strapped to your back to calm you down and to pull the string if needed.


For a more futuristic take, you can also train to use a “wingsuit” and fly through the sky in that. The suit is designed for BASE jumping, but also has parachuting material as a safety precaution. This is for experienced stunt persons only – so don’t expect to try this until you’ve mastered traditional skydiving first.


Working as a stunt double



Okay, so getting employed as a stunt double takes a lot of training and exercise, but learning how to do awesome stunts is a lot easier than you’d think! There are plenty of places (like the L.A. Stunts Training Center, Stunt University and the International Stunt School) where you can sign up for classes on aerial stunts, theatrical combat and even faux sword fighting. If you like it, who knows? This could be your new career.


Competitive archery



If you’re looking to unleash your inner Katniss Everdeen, Oliver Queen, Roy Harper, etc., you can study and then pursue competitive archery. Competitions mostly involved shooting for targets set a certain distance away, but some competitions focus on more historical forms or occur in more exciting settings. (And fun fact – Jennifer Lawrence trained with professional archer Khatuna Lorig for The Hunger Games. Lorig has competed in the Olympics five times.)



Actual superheroing



Remember the premise of Kick-Ass? There’s a guy that’s brought that concept to life in Seattle. His name is Phoenix Jones, his website is here, and he has done some serious good in his community.

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