The Geeked Gods are Hungover

Hello, We are back and as the title suggests we are Hungover after a night of drinkingTopics CoveredHalloween killsLast Night in SohoMatrix 4Many saints of NewarkCarnageDuneEscape the UndertakerV/H/S 94Paranormal...

Hello, We are back and as the title suggests we are Hungover after a night of drinking
Topics Covered
Halloween kills
Last Night in Soho
Matrix 4
Many saints of Newark
Escape the Undertaker
V/H/S 94
Paranormal Activity: Next of Kin

What If?
Y the last man
Cowboy Bebop coming
Stranger Things
Brooklyn 9 9 finale
Midnight Mass
Dexter revival

Doctor Who: Russell T. Daves returns
Spider-Man rights lawsuits
Switch expansion pack SNES/Genesis games
Mario voiced by Chris Pratt
Rob Schneider might be one of the masked singers.

Actions 20 years ago result in cancelling a person now
X-Men name sexist?Hung OverNetflixFXPeacockMatrixYthelastmanMidnight MassDoctor WhoMario MarioMario BrosChris Pratt

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