The Geeked Gods 2017 Emmy’s Preview

The Geeked Gods 2017  Emmy’s Preview By Alexandra Wilson   TV lovers everywhere know that the Emmys will soon be upon us. The 69th Primetime Emmy Awards, which take...

The Geeked Gods 2017  Emmy’s Preview

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By Alexandra Wilson


TV lovers everywhere know that the Emmys will soon be upon us. The 69th Primetime Emmy Awards, which take place on Sunday, September 17th, will be a particularly interesting ceremony due to the lack of a major award-winning program: Game of Thrones. Yes, you read that right. Because of Game of Thrones programming gap in between seasons, it missed the deadline for being able to participate in this year’s awards. But don’t be sad, readers, this is actually a good thing.


Without a major awards contender, other shows have gotten the chance to grab the spotlight (and they deserve it just as much — if not more — than Game of Thrones does). Here is what you can expect from your favorite Emmy-nominated shows this year.



West World

HBO will probably never be completely shut out of the Emmy Awards, and Westworld is the best example of that. The freshman series has a slew of larger nominations — including best drama writing, Jeffrey Wright as best supporting actor, Thandie Newton as best supporting actress, Anthony Hopkins as best actor, Evan Rachel Wood as best actress, and for best drama series, in general.  Judging from the program’s sweep of Creative Arts Emmys, which typically focus on visual effects, art direction, costuming, etc., this show will have a strong showing come September 17th.



Bob’s Burgers

Bobs Burgers

Finally! Fans everywhere can celebrate in that the long-running (and long-hilarious) animated series finally won an Emmy for best animated program. This is always a tough category, as mainstays South Park and Archer consistently deliver, but we’re glad this show finally broke through.

charm bomb



Stranger Things


Yes, everyone’s favorite 80s drama was nominated for best drama and best drama writing this year. Millie Bobbie Brown was nominated for best supporting actress, David Harbour was nominated for best supporting actor, while Barb was nominated (yes, really!) for best guest actress. Unfortunately, we already know that Barb didn’t win her Emmy (that award is given out at the Creative Emmys), but that’s some pretty solid justice for Barb, isn’t it?




Luke Cage


Again, taking Game of Thrones out of the equation opened the door for a lot of other programs to shine. In this case, it was Marvel’s Luke Cage, who took home an Emmy for stunt coordination for a drama series. You have to admit, those fight scenes were pretty cool!

Luke Cage Gif 1


Star Wars


Yes, Star Wars is actually nominated for a few different awards categories! Star Wars Rebels is nominated for outstanding children’s program, while The Star Wars Show was nominated for outstanding short form variety series. You can view both of these programs now — Rebels on Netflix or Disney XD, and The Star Wars Show on YouTube.

Star Wars Rebels

Adventure Time


This animated show is again nominated for outstanding short-form animation. The only problem with this? It has some stiff competition. It’s up against Steven Universe, Marvel’s Rocket and Groot, and Teen Titans Go — it’s not difficult to make a case for all of those shows to win. (Though personally, I’m rooting for the Crystal Gems.)

Adventure Time 2

The 69th Primetime Emmy Awards will air on CBS on Sunday, September 17th. The Creative Arts Emmys will air as a special on FXX on Saturday, September 16th.

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