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    Man of Steel Retro Review

    Man of Steel Retro Review By John Saavedra When 2006’s Superman Returns failed to capture what had made the Christopher Reeve movies so great, Warner Bros. went back to the drawing board for several years. In the time between Superman Returns and the release of Man of Steel in...
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    The Franchise Files – Dawn of the Dead (2004)

    There’s a general sense of hatred in the horror community for remakes, and I think it’s silly. Sometimes, yes, they’re cash grabs – but many fail to realize that some of our other horror favorites are cash grabs as well. Think about, oh, I don’t know, nearly every single Stephen...
  • The Geeked Gods Podcast Episode 18

    The Geeked Gods Podcast: Episode 18

      The Geeked Gods Podcast The Geeked Gods Podcast: Episode 18 Hosted by Ashish Thomas with Paul Aloisio and Glen Wolfe Recorded at Platinum Wolfe  find the studio here  White Washing in Hollywood, Batman Vs Superman “Blockbusters”, not liking Batman Vs Superman, Blockbusters, Critics vs Fans and more....