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    Alien Covenant Review-50% more Xenomorphs

    Alien covenant hits theaters this weekend in all its face-hugging, acid spewing glory and fans of the franchise will enjoy the latest entry in the Alien mythology. Ridley Scott makes his long-awaited return to true Sci-Fi horror in this epic sequel to 2012’s Prometheus and delivers on some, but...
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    An Honest Look Back at ALIEN 3: The Assembly Cut

    I’ve only heard bad things about Alien 3. From problems with the script to a rushed production to shoddy effects – it’s all been pretty bad. Because of this, I’ve avoided it for a number of years. I’ve heard enough details to be knowledgeable about a substantial amount of the plot,...
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    Ghost in the Ship -(For aliens day)

    Alien has been called Ridley Scott’s haunted house in space, as it’s the quintessential – ahem- alien movie for many people it can be hard for some to see why. Now clearly the Nostromo is not a house, and the xenomorph baddie is anything but dead, the comparison comes from the...