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    The Geeked Gods-Rap Feuds and Dick Jokes

      Its the Rap Feuds, Alex Jones, Dick Jokes Podcast or The Cluster F Podcast… On this episode, we talk Rap Feuds Eminem and Machine Gun Kelly Drake and Pusha T Beyonce being accused of Black Magic Dick Jokes Deviant Art- Sexy M & M’s is a thing? WTF...
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    10 Cosplays you see at every Comic Con

    10 Cosplays you see at every Comic Con By Michael Burgner Let’s talk about everybody’s favorite occasion to dress up and be somebody they’re not for a day. If you think I’m talking about Halloween then WRONG this is about Comic Con!! Comic Con is all about the Cosplay, people...
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    This Ain’t Right Movie Podcast-Super Mario Bros the Movie

    This one hurt a little but we decided to watch Super Mario Bros the Movie for the This Ain’t Right Movie Podcast. We came to the consensus that if this movie wasn’t connected to the Super Mario Bros universe it wouldn’t be bad… Before you kill us we were...