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    The Geeked Gods Podcast-GG101

        The Geeked Gods Podcast Featuring Ashish Thomas, Angelo Carbone, Chase, James O’Donnell, Derek Tardugno… We are looking at the NES Classic kicking ass, The She-Ra and Thundercats Reboots (Let the kids have their fun) a look at James Gunn’s firing, Chris Hardwick’s return, and new segment The...
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    Toonami shows we forgot about

    Toonami shows we forgot about By Michael Burgner 1. Thundercats (1997-2002) We’ll start off with an easy one. Thundercats THE ORIGINAL was awesome. Lion-O, Snarf and the gang ruled. It was the first show ever aired on toonami, airing from March 17th 1997 until 2002. It was originally a...
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    Just the Facts-Thunder Thunder Thunder Cats-5 Facts about out favorite Thundercats….. or how I ruin your childhood.

    Just the Facts—Thunder Cats HOOOOOOOOOOO! by Ashish @thatguyash1018 Remember these facts are for entertainment purposes, if you don’t like them don’t read them… Anyhoooooooooo here is  Five facts about the Thundercats….       Naked Kitties The first episode of thunder cats we see that the Thundercats are all...