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    The Tick (2017) Season 1 Review

    The Tick (2017) Season 1 Review By Richard Lynch It seems that you can’t keep a good bug down. Amazon’s take on The Tick is the third attempt at a television adaptation, following in the footsteps of the short lived 2001 show starring Patrick Warburton and the classic 1994...
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    Non Marvel and DC Comic TV Shows

    If you look at Netflix or The CW, nobody would blame you for thinking that the only existing superhero TV shows are for Marvel and DC.  It makes sense, of course; Marvel and DC are the “big two” publishers and have dominated the silver and small screen for a...
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    Geeky News: What you need to know for the Week Ending August 19, 2016

    Happy Weekend, folks! I’m back with the comic TV and movie news you need to know.  Here are the week’s biggest headlines, along with some fun facts you can use as conversation starters over the next few days. Here is all the geeky news for the Week Ending August...