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    “Batman/The Shadow” #1 Review

    I recently did a post about Batman and his unique connection to The Shadow, a piece which you can read here. I loved both characters growing up. Batman, of course, stemmed from countless summer afternoons watching the 1966 “Batman” series and Tim Burton’s 1989 adaptation of the character. I...
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    Comic Book Movies that Deserve a Re-boot

    Comic Book Movies that Deserve a Re-boot The cinematic world is awash with big budget franchises and our rabid devotion to such films tells us that there is no end in sight to their neigh-critic proof profitability. Movie studios know that if they can shoehorn a cameo or two...
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    Batman: His Surprising link to Classic Pulp Comics

    Batman’s surprising link to classic pulp heroes By Christopher Baggett   DC Comics’ Batman has been one of the most recognizable, charismatic comic book characters since he debuted way back in 1939’s “Detective Comics” #27. For nearly 80 years fans have clamored for the adventures of Bruce Wayne, the...