The Hunger Games

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    Female-Fronted Action Movies

    Female-Fronted Action Movies With Charlize Theron kicking ass in Atomic Blonde, we’ve got another movie where a heroine dominates the silver screen. There are plenty of films nowadays where a female action star takes charge – and ends up making a lot of money at the box office at...
  • Fictional Foods we Wanna Try Cover

    Fictional Foods and one real place that We Wanna Try

    For every detailed, sci-fi/fantasy universe that an author creates, there are a lot of little details that are created at the same time.  One of these all important creations? Fictional foods. We know, we know, you can recreate certain dishes in real life, but you’ll never get to experience...
  • Best Geeky Posters

    Best Geeky Posters

    With all of the amazing comic book art in history, we’re bound to have seen some amazing geeky posters for film, TV, and other media projects that have come along in the past decade.  We’ve pulled some of best posters or promotional art for your viewing. The Dark Knight...