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  • Flash Feature

    The Flash Season 3-Speed Bumps and Sudden Stops

        Another season of The CW’s hit The Flash has come and gone. As the huge Flash fan I am (as previously mentioned on this very site) I’ve dove voraciously into each and every episode. I loved the first season. The characters were human with needs and goals,...
  • Geeky Content cover

    Best Channels for Geeky Content

    It feels like there are one million billion channels that we can watch content on nowadays. We have all of the channels broadcast on television, and then we have free-to-watch channels online and then additional digital channels. It’s great because there’s so much geeky content that we can watch,...
  • TV cover 111

    2017 Television Premieres we’re excited for coming soon

    2017 Television Premieres we’re excited for coming soon We recently wrote about what 2017 films we’re excited to see, so it stands to reason that we should write one for television programs too – right? Well, that, and also the fact that there are a lot of seemingly great...