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    The Geeky News you need to know for the Week of 11/17/2016

    We’ve started off the holiday movie season with the release of Doctor Strange and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, and the latter capped off a strong pop culture-filled week. Here’s the info you need to know about geekdom’s favorite television shows and movies this week.   THE...
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    Six R-Rated Comic book Movies to watch

    Deadpool is hailed as one of the best comic book movies out now. The movie was rated R and with its success experts expect several comic book/superhero movies to become R-Rated. Cough Wolverine 3 Cough. Deadpool is not good because it was R-Rated it is good because it is...
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    The Wraith- is it Fast and the Furious or Furious and the Fast?

    The Wraith-The Original Fast and the Furious So I am going to start this review by telling you that the only thing that this movie has in common with Fast in the Furious is that it has fast cars and drag racing and similar acting. The Wraith is a...