Tamra Bonvillain

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    NCBD books for 5/25/2016

    The Geeked Gods New Comic Book Day picks for 5/25/2016 This week we see one of the Iconic Comic Book companies Rebirth (DC Rebirth) a great paperback collecting the 3rd arc of Wayward-Wayward Vol 3 a continuation of a great story from Aftershock comics Strayer #4 , a new...
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    Wayward Vol 3 Review- Out with the old in with the new-A Recap

    Wayward Vol 3: Issues 11-15 recap Out with the old in with the New Wayward Vol 3: Out from the Shadows TP  Out May 25, 2016 Writer: Jim Zub Art: Steve Cummings Colors: Tamra Bonvillain Letters: Marshall Dillon Back Matter: Zack Davisson Publisher: Image Comics Wayward Vol 3 is...
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    Spotlight: Wayward our interview with Jim Zub, Steve Cummings and Tamra Bonvillain

    By Ashish Thomas @thatguyash1018 on Twitter. We are here to talk about the Series Wayward, we are 10 issues into the Saga there are two TPB’s Wayward Volume One-String Theory and Wayward Volume Two-Ties that bind and the ultimate collected series that has issues 1-10 and extra’s. The Geeked...