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    Code Name: Talamh- Issue 1 Preview

    Code Name: Talamh Issue 1 The Geeked Gods Studios @GeekedGodsPress Writer Ashish Thomas @thatguyash1018 here Artist/Colors/Letterer-Graham Sisk Digitally Available at Comixology here Physical Copies Available at the Geeked Gods Studios Big Cartel Store here...
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    Code Name Talamh Issue 2 Preview

    Check out this Code Name Talamh Issue 2 Preview Pick it up for $1.99 at comiXology here
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    Night of the Creeps: Fred Dekker’s 1986 Classic

    Night of the Creeps, starring the ever-masculine Tom Atkins, has more quotable moments than possibly any ’80s movie ever. In fact, there are parts of me that think Fred Dekker wrote this movie simply to give Atkins an overload of one-liners. And in doing so, the phrase “Thrill me” will...
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    The Franchise Files – Star Trek Beyond (2016)

    How wonderful it is for it to be able to review a new Star Trek movie in 2017 that was released less than a year ago. Even better is the fact that it’s the best one out of the three reboots so far. Live long and prosper, indeed. Star Trek Beyond feels like...
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    Review – SAGA, Vol. 2

    Volume 2 of Saga picks up just where the first volume left off, closing the gaps on the cliffhangers left when we first met Marko and Alana. It does an acceptable job at filling in the blanks and giving the readers some insight to their backstories, but at times feels a...
  • Lovecraft

    H.P. Lovecraft and the Power of the Unkown

    Horror comes in many names, but few have ever had such an impact on the genre as a whole than H.P. Lovecraft. His tales contain horror in its most undiluted form, sharing with us the indescribable and unknowable to create something unspeakably chilling. Insanity, the enormity of space, and...
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    The Franchise Files – Star Trek: Nemesis (2002)

    All good things must come to an end. By 2002, Sir Patrick Stewart would play Jean-Luc Picard one more time before the character was retired in Nemesis. Though it is sad to see him go, it’s a dignified and fitting end. Not just for Picard, but for all of the second...
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    The Franchise Files – Star Trek: Insurrection (1998)

    Moral concepts have always been vital to Star Trek. But every so often, the implications and reasonings behind these moral concepts fall short. In the case of Insurrection, nearly everything about the situation feels cardboard and undercooked. And while many science fiction films are able to succeed while suspending disbelief, it’s kind of...
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    The Geeked Gods Comic Promo

        The Geeked Gods Comic Promo Check out our Promo for our comics section #Comics #Indiecomics #CodeName: Talamh #Absolution Effect #Agent18 #Evil Son The Geeked Gods Comics where story matters…...