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    The Geeked Gods Podcast-Last Jedi, Walking Dead, Predator (Super Show)

      The Hiatus is over Heres a Double Sized Geeked Gods Podcasts We talk about Star Wars the Last Jedi, Reboots we want to see, Craft Beer. Predator, Adrien Brody’s Nose, Sex Robots how we get Skynet, HPV, Rogue One our favorite Starwars Movie of the Star Wars Series....
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    Down the Rabbit Hole: Artificial Intelligence

      Artificial Intelligence-The Future is Here Are we doomed? Which company is Skynet? Sex Robots, is human sexual relations over? It looks like James O’Donnell is right….. Men destroy dolls here Soiled Dolls-James Called it here  Japanese Men leaving real women for Robots here How will people make money...