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    The Geeked Gods Podcast-Oh Captain, My Captain

      The Geeked Gods Podcast-Oh Captain, My Captain We talk all things Captain Marvel, Shazam, Walking Dead, Disney Fox Layoffs, Google Stadia the future of Videogames? #James Gunn getting his job back, Detective Comics 1000 and more…. With Ashish, James, Angelo, Derek and Baxter… #Podcast, #Shazam, #CaptainMarvel, #Stadia, #DetectiveComics1000,...
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    Adventures of Captain Marvel-Review

    Adventures of Captain Marvel-Review By Rachel Bellwoar Considered to be the first comic book superhero movie, Adventures of Captain Marvel was a twelve-part serial with a weekly theatrical release. Initially planned as a Superman serial, Republic Pictures was unable to afford the rights to the character and chose Captain...
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    Ranking DC TV Shows

    DC has always excelled at putting its characters in television shows. Though their animation lineup is exceptional, their live action TV has not always been – which makes a ranked list of all DC TV shows interesting to make. Excluding animation, we’ve compiled a list of all DC TV...