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  • pracj

    Preacher Season 2 is Off to a Running Start

    The premier of Preacher’s second season is tasteless. It’s senselessly violent. It crosses the line of sacrilege so many times that Judas might feel uncomfortable. There are conversations of rubbing crushed foreskins into your face, as they are obviously an ingredient in many makeup products, and even boasts the first instance of a character...
  • marijane cover

    Stoner Movies 4/20

    There are a lot of Stoner movies out there, and it can be hard to decide which is your favorite, so we aren’t even gonna go there. Let’s just look at some excellent Stoner movies to watch today, tomorrow, and any other day you want to blaze up. PINEAPPLE...
  • Console-Wars-Boo

    The Geeked Gods Interviews-Blake J Harris Author Console Wars

    Hello Everyone We at the Geeked Gods are here to talk to author Blake Harris about his book console wars, his article on An oral history of “The League” for ESPN found here, and his feature on /Film from Blake J. Harris, which is a companion to the podcast How Did...