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    The Rank This Podcast-Worst Trades in NY Sports

      New Podcast Alert, New Podcast Alert The Rank This Podcast will be focused on sports, ranking various events in sports. In our inaugural episode, we look at the Worst Trades in New York Sports History… So whats #1 The Ewing Trade The Nets giving away the farm to...
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    Streaming for the Holidays

    STREAMING FOR THE HOLIDAYS   The holiday season is upon us again and after the shit-fueled garbage fest that was 2016 many people are finding solace in Christmas traditions. If you’re like me one of the most comforting things you can rely on are the family members you grew...

    Mix Tape Today #4-Seinfeld

    Mix-Tape Today: Seinfeld     Seinfeld. The show about nothing has been entertaining viewers for years, and when Hulu+ started streaming Seinfeld this summer, the series was revitalized in the eyes of binge-watchers everywhere. In honor of Jerry & the gang, here’s a playlist of songs that have appeared...