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    This Ain’t Right Movie Podcast-50 Shades of Grey

    This Ain’t Right Movie Podcast-50 Shades of Grey   Welcome to the This Ain’t Right Movie Podcast For Valentines day Ashish Thomas, Glen Wolfe and James O’Neil tortured ourselves to watch 50 Shades of Gay… I Mean 50 Shades of Grey Seriously we don’t get it this is the...
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    Love Conquers: Five Modern Romance Comics

    There was a period of time in the 1950s when superhero comics were out of vogue. Other genres- monster stories, war stories, mysteries, detective stories, romance- rose to replace them. When superheroes made a comeback in the 1960s they dominated the entire comics medium and things stayed that way....
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    Let The Right One In – One of the Best Vampire Films Ever?

    Yes. The answer is yes. Let the Right One In is indeed one of the best vampire films ever. “It’s more that that,” the film critic, puffing on an excessively long cigarette and pushing his beret up says. “Yes, it is a great film – outstanding, I must say – but it is...