Rob Zombie

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    The Hidden Genius Behind ‘The Devil’s Rejects’

    In Rob Zombie’s 2005 masterwork of a grindhouse road movie, the typical American Outlaw character is pushed to a sadistic extreme. The Outlaw has been a staple of American cinema for decades, but Zombie’s version of it is much grittier and demented. The”protagonists” of The Devil’s Rejects lack any redeeming virtues....
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    Movie Review – 31 (2016)

    As the credits rolled at the end of Rob Zombie’s latest film, 31, I sat back and watched with a furrowed brow. After waiting years (literally years) for this film, I was legitimately disappointed. Throughout Zombie’s career, I have supported his movies in full, regardless of how low many other film...
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    In Defense: Remakes and Reboots

    In Defense: Remakes and Reboots   It seems like every other week a new remake or a reboot to a beloved franchise is being announced.  More often than not, these announcements will attract comments such as: “This doesn’t need to be remade.” “There are no original ideas anymore.” Or,...