Priscilla Petraites

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    Brilliant Trash #1-Review

    Brilliant Trash #1-Review By Ashish Thomas To say I am excited about Brilliant Trash is an understatement, I am a big fan of Tim Seeley, Nightwing/Grayson, Revival, Hack/Slash. The wait is over we got an advanced copy of Brilliant Trash which is another comic gem in a fabulous career....
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    New Series Alert from AfterShock Comics: Brilliant Trash from Tim Seeley Priscilla Petraites

    New Series Alert Coming Soon to AfterShock Comics: Brilliant Trash BRILLIANT TRASH #1 / $3.99 / 32 pages / Color  In the days to come, a super powered teenage girl wipes the heavily disputed Old City of Jerusalem from the face of the globe. Now, in American dystopia after...