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    Comic Characters we want on Television

    Comic Characters we want on Television Who doesn’t want more comic book-inspired television shows? Yes, Agent Carter and The Flash are great, but other comic book properties like Preacher, iZombie, and The Walking Dead are excellent television shows without focusing on a traditional superhero. With that in mind, here...
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    Rising Stars in the Comic World You Should Know

    We recently wrote up a list of new comic books to watch out for, but what about the talent behind the books?  This time, we’re looking at the writers, artists, inkers, etc. that make comic books great – and that you’ll want to keep an eye on in the...
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    The Geeked Gods New Comic Book Day picks for 6/1/2016 This week we see the end of one story Arc (Saints #9), a continuation of an amazing story featuring one of the biggest Icons in American History (Rough Rider #3), a new series from Frank Barbiere, Garry Brown and...