Nicolas Cage

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    Guess the Creep 2-Can you tell the Creep from their quote

      It’s back, It’s been a while…. You didn’t ask for it but its here. It’s Guess the Creep part 2….. Part of an episode we recorded last October before Trump became President and never released. Can you guess the creep from Monty Burns, Donald Trump, Kanye West, Cobra...
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    The This Aint Right Movie Podcast-Con Air

                It’s here the last of the Cage fest movies Apologies on it taking a little bit but it’s here. Now, this is Ash’s least favorite movie on the This Ain’t Right Movie Podcast movies. Even Dave Chappelle couldn’t save this movie. This is...
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    The This Ain’t Right Movie Podcast Presents Face/OFF

    The This Ain’t Right Movie Podcast Presents Face/OFF   It’s finally happened we’ve gone nuts, grab some popcorn, tissues and Whisky really Whisky doesn’t have an E. It’s time to begin our study into Nicolas Cage…..   First up is the Classic Face/Off This is a Classic one Ash...