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  • rsz_first-trailer-happy-death-day

    Happy Death Day (2017) is a Little Too “Happy”

    Waking up for many people every day is a problem – but dying every night and then still having to wake up the next morning? Now that would be an issue for just about anyone. In Happy Death Day, this is exactly what happens. On her birthday, Tree (yes,...

    Rockstars, Vol. 1: Nativity in Blacklight Conjures up the Power of Rock

    I remember being a kid and laying on my bedroom floor listening to the greats on my headphones. Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, AC/DC – you name it. I’d sit and listen for hours on end reading the liner notes as well as biographies and legendary tales of rock. These...
  • MAR170672

    Review: Vaughn and Luna’s ETERNAL EMPIRE #1

    Fans of Sarah Vaughn and Jonathan Luna’s Alex + Ada series will be nothing short of delighted with Eternal Empire, their newest sci-fi tale. While the introductory issue may be a little off-putting for those newly acquainted with Luna’s highly-stylized artwork, longtime fans are in for more of the same unique...