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    Alien Covenant Review-50% more Xenomorphs

    Alien covenant hits theaters this weekend in all its face-hugging, acid spewing glory and fans of the franchise will enjoy the latest entry in the Alien mythology. Ridley Scott makes his long-awaited return to true Sci-Fi horror in this epic sequel to 2012’s Prometheus and delivers on some, but...
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    It’s time to stop complaining about Prometheus

    It’s time to stop complaining about Prometheus By Richard Lynch I have a reputation for defending prequels so. I may not hate the Phantom Menace, but I won’t deny that focusing on Jar Jar may not have been the best choice. So, I guess with its sequel here; I...
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    Geeky News You need to know for the Week Ending 12/23

    THE GEEKY NEWS YOU NEED TO KNOW FOR THE WEEK ENDING 12/23 With the holidays just around the corner, there’s not a whole lot of riveting news this week. But never fear! We’ve still compiled the most interesting news of the week so you have something (other than politics)...