Malcolm in the Middle

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    TV Reunions we need in 2017

    TV Reunions we need in 2017 For the last few years pop culture has seen a revival of some major properties from the past. From Fuller House to Girl Meets World (RIP) audiences have proven that studios can bank on our collective nostalgia to attract viewers rather than having...
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    Geeky News You need to know for the Week Ending 12/23

    THE GEEKY NEWS YOU NEED TO KNOW FOR THE WEEK ENDING 12/23 With the holidays just around the corner, there’s not a whole lot of riveting news this week. But never fear! We’ve still compiled the most interesting news of the week so you have something (other than politics)...
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    Streaming for the Holidays

    STREAMING FOR THE HOLIDAYS   The holiday season is upon us again and after the shit-fueled garbage fest that was 2016 many people are finding solace in Christmas traditions. If you’re like me one of the most comforting things you can rely on are the family members you grew...