Kingdom Come

  • MultiWorst

    Multiworst: Six of the darkest, bleakest, most despairing alternate Earths in comics

    There’s money in familiarity. In order to keep readers coming back for more, comic books tend to maintain the same basic status quo for characters for years, only making changes incredibly gradually or as part of a large event. This day and age, this is even more true as...
  • Fifth week event Covers

    Whatever Happened to the Fifth Week Event

    Comics have always held a somewhat rigid release schedule based on their being four Wednesdays in a month. But every once in awhile, the mythic fifth week appears. During this week, comics companies have traditionally had to fill the gap in with what were known as Fifth-Week Events. These...
  • Kingdom Come 1 optimized

    Kingdom Come: The Pinnacle of Superhero Stories

    Kingdom Come: The Pinnacle of Superhero Stories Writers: Mark Waid, Alex Ross Artist: Alex Ross Letterer: Todd Klein Publisher: DC Comics Superheroes have begun to bore me. I tired of the men in tights and billowing capes a long time ago, burning myself out from reading way too many...