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    Jimmy’s Bastards #4 Review-The Switch is on

    Jimmy’s Bastards #4 Review By Ashish Thomas Garth Ennis’s Jimmy’s Bastards continues to catch up check out James O’Donnell’s review of Issue 3 here. This issue picks up with Jimmy and Nancy getting Idi to safety while Jimmy checks on his “Privilege”. Nancy and Jimmy are having a heated...

    Jimmy’s Bastards #3 Review

    Jimmy’s Bastards #3 Review by James O’Donnell Garth Ennis continues his fantastic run in the third issue of Jimmy’s Bastards, which, though slightly less action packed than it predecessors (and with 100% more horrific castration) continues to impress. The plot continues to thicken as Junior and the cabal of Jimmy’s...
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    Jimmy’s Bastards-New Spy Comic from Garth Ennis, Russ Braun and AfterShock Comics

    Jimmy’s Bastards, Aftershock’s new spy title is everything that fans of the genre deserve and then some. This book written by Garth Ennis (Preacher, Punisher, Hitman) and brought to life by artist Russ Braun (Fables, Battlefields) furthers the modern deconstruction of the 1960’s Ultra-spy archetype that we’ve seen in...