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    Atomic Blonde Review: Spies like this

    Atomic Blonde Review One of the most anticipated movies has been released. Atomic Blonde is starring Charlize Theron, James McAvoy, and Sophia Boutelle directed by David Leitch (John Wick) one of the better films released this summer. If you don’t know Atomic Blonde is based on the Oni Press...
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    10 Cloverfield Lane a review: Doomsday Preppers Extreme Edition

    10 Cloverfield Lane: the worst episode of Doomsday Preppers ever. Directed by: Dan Trachtenberg Written by: Josh Campbell, Matt Stuecken, and Damian Chazelle Produced: by Bad Robot Productions Film Score: Bear McCreary Distributed by: Paramount Pictures Actors John Goodman-Howard John Gallagher Jr-Emmett Mary Elizabeth Winstead-Michelle Before I get started...