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    Eli Craig’s ‘Little Evil’ (2017) is Worth a Watch

    You may or may not remember a movie from 2010 called Tucker & Dale vs Evil, and if you don’t, that’s forgivable. It’s not extremely well-known outside the horror community. But for those who have seen it, it’s one of the hidden gems in the realm of horror comedies. With buckets...
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    THE GREASY STRANGLER (2016) Needs to be Seen to be Believed

    Reviewing a film like The Greasy Strangler feels like an impossible task, as everything about the film seems so surreal that it’s still hard for me to rationalize its existence. Fans of the truly absurd will delight in its disgusting madness. Those who are opposed to films that are purposely offensive...
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    Retro Review – Evil Dead 2 (1987)

    Sam Raimi’s cult classic The Evil Dead, released in 1981, was a somewhat serious affair – a horror movie intended to be taken as a horror movie. The story now is commonplace; a group of friends take a vacation to a cabin in the woods, only to have things go terribly...