Guy Fieri

  • Long island Serial Killers podcast cover

    The Geeked Gods Podcast-Long Island Serial Killers

      Long Island is a scary place… We have a haunted house (Amityville) The facility that Stranger Things is based on (Camp Hero) and a Horse Fucker (Really from Dix Hills) WTF LI man with history of animal abuse arrested for ‘sexual misconduct with horses’ People think Long Island has...
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    Down The Rabbit Hole: Plane Conspiracies

      Down the Rabbit Hole-Plane Conspiracies This episode we look at several Aviation Mysteries Like DB Cooper Could DB Cooper be Guy Fieri Flight MH370 Malaysian Airlines The Bermuda Triangle Is the Bermuda Triangle Flavor Town With James O’Donnell, Bob Warren, Ashish Thomas and Glen Wolfe Recorded at Platinum...
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    Down The Rabbit Hole-Conspiracy Theories 3: The Guy Fieri Chronicles

        It’s time once more to go Down the Rabbit Hole its time for Conspiracy Theories 3-The Guy Fieri Chronicles RFK Assassination Sirhan Sirhan-MK Ultra Victim Multiple Shooters The Woman in the Polka Dot Dress.     Regan Assassination Bush responsible-Bush family ties to the would’be Assassin What...