• ScalesAndScoundrels_Vol01 Web cover

    Sebastian Girner-Scales And Scoundrels-Interview

    Sebastian Girner-Scales And Scoundrels-Interview Check out this special edition of the Geeked Gods Interview Podcast Scales and Scoundrels Vol 1 is out now: Pick it up wherever you buy Graphic Novels-Do it, it’s quite good. We chat with Sebastian Girner about his and Galaad’s new Image Comics series Scales...
  • Troll 2 Cover

    This Ain’t Right Movie Podcast-Troll 2

    The Newest This Ain’t right Movie Podcast-Troll 2 Nilbog edition or Goblin Edition Featuring Ashish Thomas, Paul Aloisio and Glen Wolfe Recorded at Platinum Wolfe Studios     All from the same Movie      ...
  • Rat Queens

    The Rat Queens face their demons Vol 3 review

    The Rat Queens face their demons Vol 3 review   For the uninitiated Rat Queens is an Image comic written by Kurtis J. Wiebe that’s basically an all-female badass D&D campaign. If high fantasy, swearing and copious references to fantasy creature drug use, amuses the fuck out of you,...