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    The Franchise FIles – Diary of the Dead (2007)

    Romero has always been one for getting a message across in his movies. But in Diary of the Dead, released in 2007, it feels like the message is much more important than the entertainment value of the movie. It’s different, that’s for sure, but it’s absolutely the weakest entry in the...
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    The Franchise Files – Land of the Dead (2005)

    Finally, after twenty years, George A. Romero would release a film in the franchise he started, in the genre he revolutionized, with Land of the Dead. And although there are some questionable aspects about it, the movie is nevertheless a solid entry into the series. Filled with political allegory and disgusting, flesh-eating...
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    The Franchise Files – Dawn of the Dead (1978)

    Sometime during the year of 1974, George Romero paid a visit to the Monroeville Mall in Pennsylvania, invited by a friend whose company took part in managing it. The building was full of shoppers. They seemed blissfully ignorant of anything that was going on in the world outside of...