• Oscars

    2017 Oscar Nominations

    2017 Oscar Nominations. It’s here the 2017 Oscar Nominations, and after last year it’s interesting to see which films are nominated. Now every year with the Oscars there are Surprises and disappointments Best and Worst of the best picture nominees. We go through both Surprises and Disappointment Deadpool not...
  • Marvel Now opt

    Reason’s why we are excited for Marvel NOW 2.0

    DC and Marvel tend to publish comic book events at the same time, so with Rebirth having officially launched a short while ago, it’s no surprise that Marvel is now doing a relaunch of its own.  Marvel NOW! 2016 is essentially the 2.0 version of the Marvel NOW! initiative...
  • geekedsample

    The Geeked Gods Podcast-Episode 4 Diversity

    Episode 4 Diversity Diversity-The Study of Two University NO NO NO Featuring Ashish Thomas as Host, Sheila O’Neill and Richard Lynch Edited by Platinum Wolfe Studios We talk about all things Diversity…. Its not a city that dives that’s an adversity.. Only if you get the bends……...