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    Review: Rough Riders Vol. 2

    Rough Riders-Riders of the Storm-Vol 2   By Paul Aloisio Teddy Roosevelt has always been an object of extreme fascination since his presidency, and rightfully so. The man’s a classic, All-American badass; the embodiment of the strong American spirit. Which is probably why he makes such a good comic...
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    The X-Files Season 11: Where Do We Go From Here?

    The announcement that The X-Files Season 11 will return later this year or early 2018 has been met with a sigh of relief – for most. As for me, I’m not ready to give any sighs just yet; instead, I’m holding my breath. And I’m holding it really, really tight. Never...
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    Down the Rabbit Hole: Aliens

    DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE: ALIENS       We’re going to Space…. No, a douche bag cut our funding….. We’re looking at all things aliens….. Examine who might be aliens…. Remember the Truth is out there….. It is……… One of us might be an Alien bet you can’t guess...