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    Best Geeky Movies of 2016

    Once again, the Geeked Gods have smiled upon us (see what I did there?) and have gifted us with some excellent movies.  We really are living in a golden age, guys!  To prove it, here are some of the best films of the year.  Some have superheroes, some don’t...
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    All the Spooky Geeky News you need to know for the week ending on Oct 28

    Happy Halloweekend everybody!  Before you put the finishing details on your Eleven costume (because it’s not news that Stranger Things is the hottest new property this autumn), read our summary of what news you need to know before discussing geeky movies and TV with your friends!  We promise you,...
  • Fictional Foods we Wanna Try Cover

    Fictional Foods and one real place that We Wanna Try

    For every detailed, sci-fi/fantasy universe that an author creates, there are a lot of little details that are created at the same time.  One of these all important creations? Fictional foods. We know, we know, you can recreate certain dishes in real life, but you’ll never get to experience...