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    The Defenders Trailer is here

    Defenders trailers is here   Coming Soon...
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    Why you should watch Marvel’s ‘Iron Fist’ Netflix Series

    Why you should watch Marvel’s ‘Iron Fist’ Netflix Series By Brittany Cruz As the final installment leading into “The Defenders” Netflix series coming out August 18, Marvel’s “Iron Fist” has been met with less-than-stellar reviews. Criticisms have mainly revolved around “Game of Thrones” star Finn Jones giving a lackluster...
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    Paging the Night Nurse by Sarah Vale

    Paging the Night Nurse While Rosario Dawson has brought a lot of attention to the Marvel character Night Nurse, most fans probably still know little about the history of the woman best known for patching up superheroes. In the early seventies, when romance comics still dominated shelves, then editor-in-chief...