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    This Ain’t Right Movie Podcast-Sleepwalkers

    The This Ain’t Right Movie Podcast-Sleepwalkers   It’s Halloween time, We at the This Ain’t Right Movie Podcast have decided its time for a Stephen King Party…. First up this 1992 seminal classic SleepWalkers I wouldn’t necessarily classify this as a good Stephen King Adaptation…. So Many Questions… Why...
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    Stephen King’s 1992 Film ‘Sleepwalkers’ is Insane

    Sleepwalkers, Stephen King’s 1992 screenwriting effort, seems to be largely forgotten. And that’s really a shame. Not because it’s good – it’s not – but because it’s so overwhelmingly ridiculous. In the realm of bad horror movies, Sleepwalkers is a force to be reckoned with. It’s not exactly Troll...