• Aftershock partnership Exclusive Covers

    Breaking News: AfterShock Comics and comiXology exclusive digital content

    Breaking News: AfterShock and comiXology have partnered to provide limited-time exclusive digital connecting covers across several exciting titles. These covers will only be available to add to your digital collection via the comiXology platform until May 11th 2017. Issues included are InSEXts #10 (Marguerite Bennett & Ariela Kristantina), Rough...
  • Animosity Vol 1 cover

    Animosity Vol 1- Who is running the asylum a review

    Animosity Vol 1- Who is running the asylum- A Review  By-Ashish Thomas Animosity tells the story of the day the animals woke up. The animals start thinking which leads to the possible end of humanity. Humans after years of being on the top of the food chain are now lower...
  • verge-cover

    On the Verge: comics you should read now

    On the Verge: comics you should read now Nowadays, it seems that once enough people are talking about a comic book, it quickly moves into the social consciousness and becomes significantly more popular.  Most of the time, blogs pick up books after they’ve already gotten a lot of buzz,...