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    Gnawer-Code Name: Talamh

  • Code Name Talamh Issue 2 Front Cover

    Code Name Talamh Issue 2 Preview

    Check out this Code Name Talamh Issue 2 Preview Pick it up for $1.99 at comiXology here
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    Down the Rabbit Hole: Aliens

    DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE: ALIENS       We’re going to Space…. No, a douche bag cut our funding….. We’re looking at all things aliens….. Examine who might be aliens…. Remember the Truth is out there….. It is……… One of us might be an Alien bet you can’t guess...
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    Night of the Creeps: Fred Dekker’s 1986 Classic

    Night of the Creeps, starring the ever-masculine Tom Atkins, has more quotable moments than possibly any ’80s movie ever. In fact, there are parts of me that think Fred Dekker wrote this movie simply to give Atkins an overload of one-liners. And in doing so, the phrase “Thrill me” will...
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    Movies that Inspired Stranger Things a Geeked Gods List

    Movies that Inspired Stranger Things a Geeked Gods List By Michael Burgner By now if you’re reading this you’ve already seen the series and are just looking for the easter eggs you may have missed. I mean this show pretty much referenced every well known sci-fi movie of the...
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    This Ain’t Right Movie Podcast-Plan 9

    This Ain’t Right Movie Podcast-Plan 9   In this Podcast, we take a trip to Ed Wood Land to see the Real Bela Lugosi and his stunt double when he died. We also see Zombie Wilson Fisk   Hosted by Ashish Thomas With Paul Aloisio, Glen Wolfe from
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    Review – Independence Day: Resurgence (2016)

    Review – Independence Day: Resurgence (2016) Independence Day was a Blockbuster hit in the summer of 1996 that changed the face of what huge summer movies could look like. In my youth, the movie wowed me to no end. It spurned countless rewinds even into my adult years, if...
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    Ghost in the Ship -(For aliens day)

    Alien has been called Ridley Scott’s haunted house in space, as it’s the quintessential – ahem- alien movie for many people it can be hard for some to see why. Now clearly the Nostromo is not a house, and the xenomorph baddie is anything but dead, the comparison comes from the...
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    Alien (1979): A Timeless Classic

    Alien (1979): A Timeless Classic There are very few films in the history of cinema that have been as revolutionary as the genre-bending, enveloping-pushing fright fest that is Ridley Scott’s Alien. Though it’s been released nearly forty years ago, the movie, released in 1979, looks and feels as if...