Alien: Covenant

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    Alien Covenant Review-50% more Xenomorphs

    Alien covenant hits theaters this weekend in all its face-hugging, acid spewing glory and fans of the franchise will enjoy the latest entry in the Alien mythology. Ridley Scott makes his long-awaited return to true Sci-Fi horror in this epic sequel to 2012’s Prometheus and delivers on some, but...
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    It’s time to stop complaining about Prometheus

    It’s time to stop complaining about Prometheus By Richard Lynch I have a reputation for defending prequels so. I may not hate the Phantom Menace, but I won’t deny that focusing on Jar Jar may not have been the best choice. So, I guess with its sequel here; I...
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    Movies were excited for in 2017

    At the start of a bright, shiny new year is a lot of hope. Hope for a better year than the last, but mostly hope for better entertainment in the year to come.  2016 didn’t disappoint us when it came to giving us good movies, so it stands to...