Adam Scott

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    Eli Craig’s ‘Little Evil’ (2017) is Worth a Watch

    You may or may not remember a movie from 2010 called Tucker & Dale vs Evil, and if you don’t, that’s forgivable. It’s not extremely well-known outside the horror community. But for those who have seen it, it’s one of the hidden gems in the realm of horror comedies. With buckets...
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    You better not Pout, You Better not Cry-Krampus is coming to town a review

      Review: Krampus (2015)   Could Michael Dougherty’s latest horror-holiday hybrid Krampus be a new Christmas classic? I’ll tell you in a bit. First, let’s talk a bit about Dougherty. If you’re not familiar with his 2007 Halloween flick Trick ‘r’ Treat, stop what you’re doing immediately and go...