Stoner Movies 4/20

There are a lot of Stoner movies out there, and it can be hard to decide which is your favorite, so we aren’t even gonna go there. Let’s just...

There are a lot of Stoner movies out there, and it can be hard to decide which is your favorite, so we aren’t even gonna go there. Let’s just look at some excellent Stoner movies to watch today, tomorrow, and any other day you want to blaze up.



Pinnaple ExpressPineapple Express follows Dale Denton (Seth Rogen) and his drug dealer/friend Saul Silver (James Franco) as they flee from a dangerous drug Lord after Denton becomes the only witness to murder. The film is filled with the usual hilarity that comes with pretty much any movie with James Franco and Seth Rogen. Franco’s character is consistently doing something stupid like stealing a cop car to save Rogen, or not understanding what it means that a car battery is dead. It’s funny, and any stoner can relate to the senseless bliss that comes from being high.



Cheech and ChongYou cannot have a stoner films list of any sort without mentioning Cheech and Chong, and their movie Up In Smoke is a classic. While there is a story within the film, you never pay a lot of attention to the fact, due to the senseless Stoner comedy and dumb ways Cheech and Chong’s characters get themselves into or out of trouble. I’ve seen the movie quite a few times now, so I tend to laugh not only at the movie but at the number of times certain scenes probably had to be refilmed because of bloopers. The film follows Anthony Stoner (Chong) and Pedro de Pacas (Cheech) through many misadventures to form a band and compete in a rock band contest.



Bill and Teds Excellent AdventureNot that Bill and Ted are Stoners all the time, but they are stoner slackers who need a good grade in history so they can inspire a Utopian Society in the distant future. Using a time machine styled after a 1960’s phone booth Bill (Alex Winter) and Ted (Keanu Reeves) travel through time with the help of Rufus (George Carlin) to put together their oral history report. The use of the phone booth and the graphics used for the between times travel reminds me of Doctor Who. The comedy of the movie is very much the two dumb guys act dumb comedy, but sometimes that’s what you want stoner or not.

Bill and Ted


Harold and kumarHarold and Kumar go to White Castle is all about the munchies. Having bought Weed to escape their awful lives for a night Harold and Kumar decide to travel to White Castle for food due to needing munchies. The drive to White Castle takes a bit longer than usual as they continuously get into hairy situations, including meeting and getting robbed by Neil Patrick Harris, and almost being involved in a foursome.



Reefer Madness Cover 1Reefer Madness was originally meant to stop people, specifically young people from smoking the “burning weed with its roots in hell.” Over the years Reefer Madness has become kind of a cult classic, as most young people Stoners or not know that weed just makes you a bit giggly, so the movie just looks dumb and hilarious. The movie was made in 1939 when weed was first coming under fire, and the whole movie is essentially supposed to be a Public Service Announcement but is now used for us to laugh at while high.




I’ve given you a short list of movies, and there are plenty more out there. Now you have no excuse to bake some munchies, roll something, vape something, get high and enjoy the ride. Happy 420 everybody!


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